Sharif Pendleton: Jack of All Trades, Master of None

invented and produced board games, written a one-man show, composed music, and practiced sculpture, screen-printing, and stained glass, Sharif Pendleton launched Masters of None in 2008. Designated for those with eclectic taste, this urbane line consists of thoughtful and playful housewares and accessories made in many different materials and methods.
Marrying form and function, Masters of None products are elegant and fun. Classic Textile Coasters come in preppy patterns of plaid, argyle, houndstooth, and hexagonal. They are made of bamboo, which is highly durable, eco-friendly and naturally water-resistant. Highly utile and flexible, Interlocking Houndstooth Trivets also appeal to your inner artist. The pattern makes it easy for you to turn them into a trivet, a placemat or a table runner depending on the size of your party. Holiday Hanging Ornaments come in handy to prepare for your holiday gatherings. Besides the classic “Rudolph”, they also come in “Bumble” and “Mr. Grinch”. The vibrant red base on which the characters rest really makes them pop! For your everyday accessories, Zip Code Culture Keychains are sure to show your neighborhood pride and inspire zip code envy. Coming in moustache, bicycle and tux, Hipster Collection Cufflinks add a touch of humor to the modern gentlemen. Masters of None is an Earth-friendly line. Everything (including the packaging) is made locally in Philadelphia. All the metals Pendleton uses are base metals. Many products are made of acrylic and bamboo. Coming from responsible farms, the rapidly renewable bamboo is formed with low-emitting adhesives. Whenever possible, recycled and local materials are used. Selections of Masters of None products are on sale at the Art Alliance’s holiday pop-up shop–Geppetto. Geppetto will be open December 10, 2015-January 3, 2016 from Noon – 7PM Tuesday-Sunday, closed on Mondays.