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Abominable Snowman Ornament

Abominable Snowman Ornament

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Thanks to my mom, I've always sort of loved TV "bad guys". So, I'm just going to say it, Bumble is awesome and I think he deserves to share top billing on the Rudolph movies.

In the hopes of getting him the recognition he deserves, and because I really wanted one myself, I've laser cut the adorably menacing furball out of an icy blue acrylic. Like my other ornaments, Bumble's smiling mug is showcased on a bright red piece of acrylic that's cut in the shape of a classic holiday ornament.

Each awesomely adorable ornament comes with a laser etched backdrop which can easily be signed by you if you decide to give this as a gift or as part of a display if you decide to keep it for yourself!

Each ornament is approx. 3" x 3.5" x 1/4".
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