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Gemstone Planter - Medium

Gemstone Planter - Medium

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These large gemstone inspired vessels are versatile addition any home. They're ideal for plants like succulents or air planets. They can also act as a candleholder or as a catch all for pens, paint brushes, make-up and more! Inspired by natural stone formations, these vessels are made with ceramic stone and plant-based resin. No two are alike.

There are a total of 3 shapes. They vary slightly and your particular shape will be chosen at random. We recommend using battery operated tea lights for extra safety. If you use a candle, do not allow the flame or wax to touch the sides of the vessel. The stone will absorb excess water, allowing plant roots to breathe but these vessels do not hold water.

Details & suggested use:

  • planter, plant holder, candle holder
  • 3"x 2"x 2.75" 
  • color placement and patterns will vary from images
  • you'll receive one of 3 gemstone shapes
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