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Cutting Board - Black Walnut - Purpleheart - Yellowheart

Cutting Board - Black Walnut - Purpleheart - Yellowheart

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Elevate your culinary experience with this 8x10x0.75 Snack-Sized Cutting Board - meticulously crafted and handmade. This compact board is a masterpiece of form and function, blending luxurious Black Walnut, vibrant Purpleheart, and sunny Yellowheart woods. Designed for quick snack prep, its size fits snugly on any countertop. The rich Black Walnut provides a durable base, while Purpleheart and Yellowheart accents add a pop of color. The smooth surface is gentle on knives and easy to clean, ensuring a seamless cooking process.

*Disclaimer: Measurements may not be exact, but are within an inch of stated size. Natural variation in wood color and grain is expected. Photos may vary slightly in color from the final product.

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