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Do Just One Thing: 365 Ideas for a Better You, Life, and Planet

Do Just One Thing: 365 Ideas for a Better You, Life, and Planet

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From the founder of Naturally, Danny Seo, the ultimate tip-a-day guide to being environmentally conscious without breaking the bank.

Danny Seo is known for his ability to make natural, healthy living accessible. In his nationally syndicated column, “Do Just One Thing,” Danny showed readers how to make small but powerful choices every day that would positively impact the planet. Now, 365 of his best tips have been gathered together in this giftable package. From conserving energy to recycling properly to looking out for our ecosystems, this book gives you one simple way to waste not, want not every day of the year. Save water by collecting rainwater for your houseplants, wash your bath towels with a splash of vinegar to keep them fresh longer, learn how to turn in old sneakers for recycling instead of tossing them in the trash, plant blue flowers to attract bees and support local pollinators, and more. And as Seo points out, reducing our carbon footprint can actually mean saving money, time, and our health, too!

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