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Naughty, Nice, Innocent Until Proven Guilty -Funny Christmas

Naughty, Nice, Innocent Until Proven Guilty -Funny Christmas

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Introducing the uproariously clever Christmas candle, "Naughty, Nice, Innocent Until Proven Guilty"! This witty candle blends a playful twist with the enticing scent of brown sugar, filling your space with the warm aroma of holiday treats. With its cheeky label and delightful fragrance, it adds a touch of humor to your festive ambiance.

"Naughty, Nice, Innocent Until Proven Guilty" isn't just a candle; it's a comical and memorable Christmas gift that's bound to spark laughter. Whether adorning your holiday table or given as a unique present, this candle captures the essence of holiday cheer and mischief. Light up your seasonal celebrations with a dash of wit and the inviting scent of brown sugar, making it a perfect choice for spreading smiles and joy to friends, family, or anyone with a penchant for holiday humor.

Scent note: Brown Sugar Size: 9oz Glass jar with lid Wax: Coconut apricot wax blend candle Dimensions 2.9x3.4 80+ hr burn time

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