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VISION™ Black Planter Pot

VISION™ Black Planter Pot

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The VISION™ black planter pot is a stylish modern black planter like no other. Sustainably made, it provides an eco-friendly home for your favorite plants. The VISION™ black planter pot goes beyond your average planter. This unique black flower pot feels soothing to the touch. This adds an interactive element to your plant pots. Made of wood fibers, this unique planter also doubles as an essential oil passive diffuser!

Key Features: Unique wood texture for an ASMR experience. Made with eco-friendly recycled wood fibers and corn. Functions as an essential oil passive diffuser. Elegant, geometric planter design fitting for modern and boho decor. Made with multiple drainage holes for plant health. Comes with a matching tray. Perfect for indoor plant decor, succulent pots, and office spaces. Planter dimensions: 6.7" | 6.7" | 5.5"

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